Something well stickered this way comes

Well, a month or so after if it was first mooted, and a week or so of late nights when i had lots of far more important things to be doing, am just about ready to launch

Since collecting Panini stickers in the playground battlefields for Mexico 86 i’ve fostered a sense of Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to these adhesive bits of paper depriving me of my hard-earned pocket money.
Now I’ve got a “young prodigy”: to nurture in such arts I thought i’d marry this year’s futile efforts for sticker collection with a wee twitter app.

It’s been a great experiment. I’ve always wanted to build a twitter application and never quite got round to it.
I’ve had some great input along the way and got to get my hands dirty with back-end code for the first time in a long time.
I’ve also been itching to push out a personal HTML5 site so this seemed a great opportunity.

So, just waiting on some beta feedback then we’re good to go!
So dust off your stickers and get ready for the good ol’ “got, got, need, swap”


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