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#BatmanDay follow up. Looking back at my art via the Dark Knight...Age 13, age 16, age 22 and present (29)


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This might be the oldest I've ever sounded but not every visit to the pub is devoted to consuming the maximum amount of alcohol. Closing earlier will *reduce* the risk of exposure indoors, only closing them completely would *remove* it. Please don't make me defend them again.


3 minutes ago

Where should Winston Churchill stand in our collective imagination? The hero of WW2, or a racist and corrupt Prime Minister?

Join the conversation on Thursday 24 September.


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How many times will Democrats preemptively surrender in the policy arena in the name of bipartisan compromise, only to then be rewarded with crushing losses in elections? The future is now. It’s time to stop surrendering.… @davidsirota


4 minutes ago

These Covid announcements feel so surreal. We’ve now had the Chief Medical Officer and the Chief Scientific Officer tell us it could be 10 times worse than the spring and that we’ve moved to a higher alert level. What’s the odds all Boris announces tomorrow is a pub curfew?


8 minutes ago

Not sure if I have a hernia or if I'm pregnant.


12 minutes ago

Being a webdev used to mean never having to wait around for code to compile. We seems to have fixed that with npm and SSGs.


12 minutes ago

📷 I was challenged this month on my twitch stream to try to draw like @jimlee So for belated #batman day, I decided to attempt a Batman in Jim Lee’s style. Thus took me 9 hrs. Did I do it justice? 😮...…


12 minutes ago

Happy Monday! We're kicking off the week with a cheeky Green Mountain (or two!) - how about you 🍻?


14 minutes ago

Just smacked my head *very hard* on the very sharp corner of a Caffé Nero table while plugging in my phone. They’ve very kindly given me a cup full of ice.


14 minutes ago

In today’s #Sensemaker:

- How the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg reshapes the contest for the Whitehouse.
- Is peat-burning the new fox hunting?
- Are we seeing the end of lèse majesté in Thailand?


16 minutes ago

The great Ron Cobb has left us. Sci Fi wouldn’t be the same without him.


16 minutes ago

The Government's £500 payments for workers who are asked to stop working in order to self-isolate are a welcome, if long overdue, development. But more support is needed for the seven in eight workers who aren't eligible for the scheme, says @karlhandscomb


17 minutes ago

Londoners. Do we think that any bars will be open to watch the US election results come in? I'm thinking no, right?


19 minutes ago

Forget all the other suggestions, the company Sony should buy is Sega. Then they get Naughty Dog working on Sonic, Guerrilla on open world Streets of Rage, Media Molecule on Comix Zone, Polyphony on Crazy Taxi and Japan Studio/Fumito Ueda on Shenmue spin-off or whatever. Job done


19 minutes ago

👩‍🦰👨‍🦰 The time for equality is now!
If you think that:
✅ women and men deserve the same chances
✅ gender-based violence should be eradicated
✅ sexism has no place in our society,
join us and get our monthly updates!…


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No answers from Robin Walker, who is presenting the provisions of Internal Markets Bill that relate to the Northern Ireland protocol, especially to Hilary Benn asking which parts of the treaty the gov't signed it now finds insufficient. Just a lot of pre-scripted waffle. ~AA


20 minutes ago

WEBSITE..... don’t forget it’s free local delivery to anywhere in the BA11 postcode on Tuesday & Fridays so get your orders in!!! Table booking are flying this week so don’t leave it too late!! @ Palmer Street Bottle…


23 minutes ago

I'll be opening my commission list on the 1st Sept at 6pm UK time for a limited number, first come first served - if anyone is interested- here are a few of my most recent ones...


28 minutes ago

To celebrate the release of 'ULTRA MONO' we are excited to announce some intimate shows with some amazing record stores. We cannot wait to get back into these spaces with you all x

Tickets on sale now:


29 minutes ago

It's about damn time. I've dug up a bunch of old tech pen lettering samples of my lettering. (And no, it's not going to be for sale...) #lettering #comics


31 minutes ago

Working with TypeScript is like working with a small child.

"What is an HTML element?"
"Difficult to explain in just—"
"And what kind of HTML element?"
"You don't really need to—"
"Please stop sitting on my laptop, I'm trying to work"


31 minutes ago

Which of these tunes are you loving? New additions in bold.


32 minutes ago

Northern Ireland: you can meet in a garden, in groups of up to six, not including children under 12, with exemptions for anyone wearing a Rangers shirt. Beat that, Boris!


32 minutes ago

Excluding certain exceptions (medical/childcare/work reasons) from 6pm tomorrow, people are banned from going into each other’s homes in Northern Ireland after a rise in Coronavirus cases


32 minutes ago

Wide bars, 650b wheels, 1x drive train and a dropper post. Can you tell that the @Nuke_Proof Digger adventure gravel bike was specced by mountainbikers?

Coming soon to Wiggle.


36 minutes ago

🔍🌍From the beginning in the 1920s, camouflage patterns were considered for tanks and light&heavy vehicles in the Soviet Union. Shades of green were used as a standard base color. With "RUSSIAN GREENS Set" you can achieve these results in your own paintjobs!


38 minutes ago

Sifting through my junk mail folder looking for nuggets of gold like an old-timey prospector...
"YEEHAW! Lookey! Found me a missin' part of that there email chain! I WASN'T left off the CCs! GET THE DONKEY, CARL! We're going Deadwood!"


41 minutes ago

Confederation of British Industry/Canadian Chamber of Commerce, joint statement: "The clock is ticking. The benefits businesses have under CETA are set to disappear and without a trade deal both our countries will be going into unchartered territory." ~AA…


43 minutes ago

Meantime, as our schedlues are now all over the place, & we'll all probably be dead by Xmas, time for the big one. This is running til the end of October, so get em in early & often, while he lasts. Yes, it's THE GREAT #DrawBorisJohnson CHALLENGE!!!! 3...2...1...GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

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