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2 minutes ago

Enterprise software is insane. There’s no way salesforce can afford that


4 minutes ago

My advance sampl of the patch, hardcover and Deluxe just arrived and HOLY SHIT!!! They are GORGEOUS!

The softcover is a great way to enjoy the book, but these two hardcovers are on another level. Just beautiful. 🥰


4 minutes ago

AUCKLAND, quarantine fairy wanted! anybody have a spare ukulele they want to drop off for a mumma with a 5-year-old bubba who’s in managed isolation for the next two weeks? raise your hand and i’ll DM you.


5 minutes ago

cant wait to watch Mandalorian so I could see my favorite star war character - Asuka Thanos


8 minutes ago

The self checkout cops at E. Leclerc are tough - need to scan your receipt to escape their pen.


9 minutes ago

I’m sorry but if you’re not drinking your 12 year old scotch out of a Hal Jordon Green Lantern glass...we’ll you’re doing it very wrong!
The only exception would be a Daredevil glass...but I don’t have one! 😜


10 minutes ago

The population of the Falklands is, like, 3000. That's 400 square meters of Manchester but five hours flight from anywhere. The very notion gives me anxiety.


11 minutes ago

The monoliths are going to keep appearing in random places until eventually the spell out a message legible from space reading “yes, there’s a pandemic; and yes, there are so many social ills to work on. But I have more money than god and this amused me. - Jeff B”


12 minutes ago

If you expect me to pay ten times the price for some soda with pretty labels well then you’re goddamn right.


13 minutes ago

Despite his own lack of artistry leading him to create the photographic negative, Henry Fox Talbot’s family were keen watercolourists, leaving over 2000 paintings to the collection @LacockNT.

For the first time, you can now explore the collection online:


13 minutes ago

i'm afraid your email has not found me well at this time


16 minutes ago

A porter at Covent Garden Market, London, carries twenty baskets on his head. 1925.


18 minutes ago

The OECD said the resurgence of the pandemic comes at a “historic and critical moment” for the UK as the year-end Brexit deadline looms


19 minutes ago

I just want lockdown to end so I can go get a haircut


19 minutes ago

This thing has been in my house for 9 years, and I still don't know what it is


22 minutes ago

Jess Fishlock o’r smotyn! 🙌🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

72' Cymru 3-0 Belarws


22 minutes ago

amazes me that people start a comics publisher without hiring a capable graphic designer


23 minutes ago

The Wing was set up with a mission to include all women, to do things differently.

Instead, it entrenched the very systems it purported to reject.

Listen here:


26 minutes ago

I'm schemin' to come up with new ideas for this Newsletter I'm hoping to do next year... Trying to decide if folks want more Death to the Wizard King stuff in it off the bat or if they'd rather winter monsters or maybe some Casket Land stuff... H M M M


26 minutes ago

I notice Ian Austin has deleted his spiteful little tweet about Pat Finucane, presumably after a colleague pointed out being snide and flippant about a man murdered in front of his family was atrocious.


29 minutes ago

Reply to this if you aren’t wack with poo brain


30 minutes ago

Look how knackered Timea looks in this photo - that suit was such hard work. So proud of her performance. What a trooper


32 minutes ago

EGWYL | #JDCymruPremier 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

Caernarfon 1-1 Y Bala
Cei Connah 1-0 Y Fflint
Met Caerdydd 2-1 Y Drenewydd

38' Hwlffordd 2-0 Aberystwyth


32 minutes ago


Slowly climbing out of my current deadline hole...before burying myself in the next one 😭


33 minutes ago

J2 was a naughty monkey on the set


34 minutes ago

I keep having to remind myself that we're getting into December- this is the worst time of year for me, and I shouldn't be surprised that I'm feeling a little rough round the edges and unsure of where I'm going right now.


34 minutes ago

João Félix’s first half vs. Bayern Munich by numbers:

86% pass accuracy
2 chances created
2 shots (2 on target)
2 fouls won
1/1 take-on
1/1 tackle
1 goal

Such a joy to watch this season. 🪄


35 minutes ago

Archive: 2 years ago today. Putting the girls to bed


35 minutes ago

seems like @BrewDog could be doing with some serverless tech on their website, or even just a better website. Taking an absolute pounding at the minute.


36 minutes ago

Any analysis of what Labour should or shouldn’t do is followed by “will it win them these seats or lose those” - in 2024

What Tories do or don’t do on Brexit or COVID is never framed in the same terms. “Will loosening loose them the North? Will No Deal anger the Home Counties?”


36 minutes ago

That thing when you accidentally call someone you don’t really know on a WhatsApp group and you can’t press the ‘put the phone down’ button fast enough.


37 minutes ago

Have just unsubscribed from @TheEconomist - what an unbelievably annoying experience. What should have been a few clicks took 20 minutes battling away with someone on chat!


37 minutes ago

Very powerful ⁦@Channel4News⁩ interview with Michelle Hopkins on the abandonment of children with special needs during the pandemic


37 minutes ago

Look at that now. Two day's worth of steps right there, should get a day off or something 😂

This is part of the 6,000 steps per day for #16Days for @SaoirseWR.

Please donate to support their work and demand that the government funds refuges properly.

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