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Dominic Cummings is not a working-class commoner; he comes from a family rich enough to own three houses on a vast stretch of land. It is patently clear that there is one rule for the great unwashed, and another entirely for the wealthy in power.…


23 minutes ago

Spent a lovely couple of hours chatting to @TroyBakerVA tonight. You'll be able to drop in on our conversation at some point...


25 minutes ago

If you have your copy of The World Aflame, please leave a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads when you can. It would help us immensely. Thank you.

Amazon - #aw-udpv3-customer-reviews_feature_div" target="_blank">…
Goodreads -…


30 minutes ago

I've been locked out of my LinkedIn account for 2 years, but tonight googled it to read just what an absolute fuckin' delight I was to work with*

*endorsements may possibly have been influenced by qpq endorsements


33 minutes ago

Political parties are private organisations, legally accountable to their members & funders; not to the public.

At its core, the UK's voting system is a means of handing control of the entire state over to a private organisation against the wishes of most citizens.

That's all.


34 minutes ago

Husband & I have been thinking up modern movie genre treatments for historical figures, like a college comedy but about this guy who became a military commander in the Netherlands bc his parents essentially paid the division to hire him


36 minutes ago

Old designers, for a time somebody published a document full of hyperlinks to new websites. This was long before Yahoo and a an updated list was published every week (as I recall).

What was the list called?


41 minutes ago

'Hoop Dreams' on Mubi- 3hrs long, so only made it through 2 so far but wow, what a doc. Fantastic. Only meant to watch a little bit but totally pulled me in. Can't wait to finish the rest tomorrow.


43 minutes ago

Gosh. Of all the things please...Gove is allowed to jerk off and watch porn. What’s more important is that he’s a cheat and a liar.


46 minutes ago

Yessiree! The rumors are true. We are bound for the drive-in. June 25th at the @harvestmoonDI in Gibson City, IL — Our first show since the shutdown! And we couldn’t be more excited. Hope to see you there. More details coming soon. Tickets go on sale this Monday at 9am.


49 minutes ago

Currently playing jackbox games on zoom and it works


53 minutes ago

While Dave Rubin's new book raises a few scattered arguments of worth, most of it consists of vague appeals to historical ideologies better unpacked elsewhere, celebrity bashing, seemingly endless penis jokes, fan service, and outrage at outrage culture.…


57 minutes ago

Just opened my bedroom door to the living room to turn off the lights before sleep and see a skink on the floor in front of me.

Ran away before I could get my phone. But I'm gonna miss my lizard buddies when I leave.

Admittedly I do have adrenaline flowing from the shock tho


1 hour ago

You'll see what I mean when you get to listen to his score which still makes my skin goosebump even though I've heard it a few hundred times by now. That kind of cello


1 hour ago

Full disclosure: Since working with the ever amazing @SteveBPrice on Archive, the cello has become my favorite instrument


1 hour ago

Nikil Saval and Rick Krajewski are Reclaim Philadelphia leaders running for positions in the Pennsylvania legislature. Krajewski organized around criminal justice in West Philly before launching his campaign for state representative.…


1 hour ago

Your Daily #Mog.

I, for one, Welcome our Good Morning Human furry Overlords!


1 hour ago

Oh my god I've just learnt that to copy a URL on iOS you don't need to try to highlight the text first (which is almost impossible), you just need to long press on the URL bar even if the full URL isn't shown.

This will save me hours of frustration!!


1 hour ago

new zealand is on the brink of becoming the first country in the world significantly affected by covid-19 to eliminate all active cases.
it is hard to see this and also follow the news coming out of america. everything feels painfully bittersweet and sad.…


1 hour ago

As previously reported, the 12-page FBI report that introduced the label of “black identity extremism” was filled with innuendo and stereotypes. It also explicitly connected its analysis to the Ferguson protests.


1 hour ago

We live in an Orwellian era, in which working-class people pilfering convenience store goods is called “looting.” Rich people stealing hundreds of billions of dollars, on the other hand, is just well-functioning “public policy.”… @davidsirota


1 hour ago

Not sure what’s been going on with downthetubes tonight but service now hopefully restored. What better way to test that than with a flashback to an old post about Marvel UK’s “Bog Paper”?


1 hour ago

On a more comic making kind of note, Letterers, what would be a good graphics tablet to start out doing hand drawn balloons/SFX with.

My budget is a max of £80 I'd say at present. Any tips/heads up would be great, thanks.


1 hour ago

President Donald Trump’s tweets now come with a warning label. An enraged Trump quickly set about crafting an executive order to limit Twitter’s ability to “selectively censor.”…


1 hour ago

The only organisation capable of bearing the cost of the coming economic crisis is the government. Sunak seems to think that it's the one organisation that should not do so. Big mistake. This man is as dangerous as his colleagues


1 hour ago

Join me and over one million others in supporting a different model for open, independent journalism. Together we can help safeguard The Guardian’s future – so more people, across the world, can keep accessing factual information for free…


1 hour ago

The inventor of the pop-up has a lot to answer for.


1 hour ago

I can only think that Rishi Sunak thinks that the world is made up of heavily capitalised businesses and households stacked high with savings as he plans to end furlough. We're going to pay a horrible price for his re-education

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