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18 seconds ago

I’m nervous about retweeting pictures and films from Belarus as I’m not sure who to trust. But workers walking out and striking... this looks pretty major. Is this possibly the beginning of the end?


47 seconds ago

This year has been tough. Let's walk and talk together.

Join in on our Walky Talky Fundraiser:
1⃣ Choose a date in September
2⃣ Select a walking route
3⃣ Pick your team, walk and talk about mental health.

Here's more info on getting started 👇


4 minutes ago

We pride ourselves on art challenges which plumb the depths of humanity.

For today, please draw us a Canon IR6000 Duplex Automatic Document feeder.



4 minutes ago

Ronnie Kasrils: "This August 13, on the anniversary of his birth, we, along with the Cuban people and humanity, salute Fidel Castro. He will live on in Africa — as everywhere else — as an everlasting icon of liberation in all its forms."…


8 minutes ago

"Dance like no one is watching, but text and email like it will be read in court one day".
-Your lawyer


12 minutes ago

Just found this nice bit of history! It's the roughs Tillie did when we were choosing a cover for the first edition of The End Of Summer.


14 minutes ago

Haven’t done one of these in a while. Japan storefront. Pen and watercolour on khadi paper.


16 minutes ago

Digging into England's perennial left-sided problem™ (c.1992–c.20??), calculating the goalscoring threshold for when "That Man" becomes "Who Else But" and the eternal debate: are "stoppers" centre-backs, goalkeepers, or both?

The Football Clichés podcast


20 minutes ago

In Other Waters is stunningly beautiful, and elegant in interface. Can’t recommend it enough.


21 minutes ago

It’s not every day you get to have lunch with such an inspirational character who has incredible stories to tell… best wishes for the rest of your journey across our fair isle, @RosieSwalePope!


24 minutes ago

Sometimes, you want to send someone a note to let them know you care about them, deeply and unconditionally, but that they are also occasionally really annoying.

@EffinBirds has a pack of postcards for that.

Claim yours here:


24 minutes ago

Can't believe how much Europe hate us by doing better in their covid reponse just so the UK looks bad. IT'S A DISCRACE.


26 minutes ago

Me: Think my forehead wound’s looking better, will just collect my epilepsy script, no drama.
Pharmacists: Wow. That’s amazing. Can we look at it a bit closer. Incredible. How.


27 minutes ago

i like small speakers, i like tall speakers.


27 minutes ago

Thanks to both our speakers @naomigo and @LiamHammett for excellent talks yesterday. If you attended yesterday then please take a moment to give feedback to the speakers:
We return in September with lightning talks.


31 minutes ago

After the heat, after the rain.
This morning in the #forest was the weather I'd been waiting for all summer (and all night)... such a relief from the heat.


32 minutes ago

The clip studio keyboard shortcuts for tools limit you to normal keys without modifiers (ie, you can use U to select a shape, but not ALT+U to select an ellipse) BUT YOU CAN program a short cut to select a tool and assign the shortcut to a key with a modifier-


33 minutes ago

“Having an empty plinth to me speaks of a city in a country that is looking for answers and doesn’t have them yet.”

In our latest podcast we speak to Mayor of Bristol, @MarvinJRees, on the toppling of the Colston statue and what it means now.


35 minutes ago

Natalie Perera, director of the Education Policy Institute: "there are early signs today that the results process may have had a disproportionately negative impact on the most disadvantaged students."


35 minutes ago

You mean I have to wash this stupid body til I die?


37 minutes ago

It’s rumbling in the skies like someone’s had crumble.


38 minutes ago

Who'll be heading to @thornbridgetap this weekend? They'll also be joined by El Contador on Saturday from 12pm for some delicious Mexican street food. They're now open Sunday's too!

To book a table email with your name, contact number and party size.


40 minutes ago

Never mind global warming, Trump is focussing on the apparent needs of his "perfect" hair.


40 minutes ago

Love this snapshot sent from Pipkin's adopters - one of our farm cats, settled in and comfortable to be nearby in the barn. The family have given her so much respect and are getting rewarded with a bond like this.


41 minutes ago

Enjoy people talking to me about intestacy law as if I'm probably familiar with it.


42 minutes ago

Aug 13 1934 - United Textile Workers meet in New York producing list of demands. This leads to the General Textile Workers strike.


45 minutes ago

Nigel Farage calls refugees crossing the English Channel a "summer invasion." And Boris Johnson is copying him.

We asked a linguist to analyse the rhetoric of politicians and British news media around migration.


46 minutes ago

Main uses of a semi-colon:

1. You can;t find the apostrophe key
2. The L key is in the wrong p;ace


47 minutes ago

Some Of Us on Youtube!

This Cookie penned, Stu sung song came together early this year as the world was slowly descending into madness, but before it was truly on fire.

Can't wait to show y’all some more tunes before we go down in flames.


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