one of the highlights of dConstruct this year was meeting so many other web developers/designers based in Scotland.
it seemed a bit odd to go all the way to Brighton to meet socially, and as a lot of the delegates from north of the border work freelance it was a shame that there had hitherto been few opportunities to all come together. so once feet were firmly back on scottish soil and the hangovers had settled (and with some spurring on by jonathan and andy) a time and a place was set for the first edinburgh web convocation

it was a great evening although had to sadly dash before too long to catch a train home (upon which I promptly fell asleep on and missed my stop, but that’s another story). among the illustrious illuminaries in attendance were andy, jonathan,
sam, roan, sandy, brian, dave and paul plus some others who were just an irrecognisable haze through my beer soaked vision

hoping the momentum continues – the consensus was that such meet ups should be regular and john has already got the ball rolling on another installment of Refresh Edinburgh. It is great to see Edinburgh and its environs has such a thriving web scene of like-minded and passionate individuals who care greatly about the web and it’s nice to know we don’t all have to head to the south of England once a year to catch up. just next time someone please make sure i have some food with my beers