Next Saturday (7th Feb) after several months scheming me and local friend Matt are putting on a music evening at Frome’s Westway Cinema raising funds for local charity, Alive and Well. A live band (Matt) and DJ (me) will be playing the best in grunge and alternative music from the late eighties and early nineties.

Grunge was one of the first musical genres I discovered for myself and as a disgruntled teenager provided a great antidote to the manufactured music and clothing of the early nineties. In the early 90s we had hip hop and dance/rave music but there was nothing for teenagers that really tapped into Rock ‘n’ Roll. At the same time we had the Gulf War, the Rodney King beatings and Poll Tax riots music was being dominated by the likes of Kylie Minogue and Right Said Fred. Music and clothing was mass produced and marketed around mass consumption. For me grunge was an alternative for people that weren’t happy the direction society was heading in.

It should be a cracking evening – live music in an independent cinema until the small hours, bar, visual effects from Anthony Head – he of Illuminate Bath fame. Additionally Matt has been busy arranging a great selection of grunge-related raffle prizes including signed music, books and prints.

Tickets are available in advance for £8 (plus booking fee) through Tito at or at the venue on the evening.

I’ve put together a choice selection of tunes featuring the kind of music you can expect to hear on the evening. Hope to see you in Frome on Saturday!