business card FAIL

my business cards arrived today. i excitedly opened them to find the usual superb touches from moo: a lovely, cardboard holding case with dividers for cards and a wee puzzle to pass the time.

sadly, however, the cards weren’t as expected. the text on the cards, being primarily black, had been printed on a black background.

the problem was, it seems, that the image I uploaded – a png – had a transparent background. although the image preview when making the cards showed a white background the digital processes involved must default to black. black on black in printing can be pretty cool, especially where spot laminate is involved. sadly this wasn’t the case :(

so, if you are uploading any png’s to for printing please make sure that the background isn’t transparent. however, don’t let this dissuade you from partaking of another fab product. Just make sure you format and upload your images properly


i got in touch with the lovely people at about the problem and they are sending a replaced batch of cards free of charge. three cheers for moo!