Permanent destruction of retinal tissue

Another update. However, in case you think my health is all I go on about (you are mostly correct) I'm also sharing a copy of my recent interview with all round lovely chap, Rich McCoy who asked me some questions about my creative journey, in another post.

So, this week after over 4 months of steroid drops and tablets, literally dozens of scans and a fair bit of poking and prodding I had some laser eye surgery on my left eye.

Technically I think the term is "laser photocoagulation" - a process chiefly aimed at destroying abnormal blood vessels within the eye. In my case because of continual bleeding in the eye there is a danger that the blood vessels try and be clever and grow new vessels over the area responsible for sight. This would basically be a one-way ticket to blindness in that eye. So in order to prevent this a lovely ophthalmologist spent half an hour or so firing laser beams into the back of my eye. It was like a prolonged version of the scene in the unofficial James Bond film Never Say Never Again when the villain and Bond fight over a 3-D video game to win the affections of Kim Basinger. I digress.

It wasn't very painful but was pretty uncomfortable. Mostly because someone is moving your eyeball around manually and firing lasers in to it. And the gentle "popping" of blood vessels being fried is not a particularly pleasing sound.

The words "permanent destruction of retinal tissue" were mentioned and I've now lost peripheral vision in my left eye but the surgery will hopefully prevent degeneration of vision in my left eye and stop further bleeds. A review in a couple of weeks will let me know if it was a success.