Streaking off for CSS naked day

Well, all going well and I haven’t got all muddlified with my textpattern markup, today’s website should be looking pretty sparse (assuming you aren’t reading this through the medium of one of those new-fangled RSS thingys in which case it will be pretty sparse anyways).

No, I haven’t lost my site design down the back of the sofa. This is rather my joining in with CSS Naked Day organised by Dustin Diaz to promote web standards and the importance in web design of separating presentation from content.

The use of CSS is an excellent example of how we can control the visual design of a website externally without it affecting the way the site is written. This enables global changes to the appearance of a website with relative ease, but then you don’t need me to tell you that. Pop along to the CSS Zen Garden to see how we can use CSS to display the same piece of website content in a variety of different ways.

I have also taken the opportunity to make today Javascript streaker day. There ain’t much javascript on the site but today what is there isn’t there – if you catch my drift – to highlight how progressive enhancement should provide for behaviour what CSS does for presentation.

So, hope you’re not dissappointed by the glare of white on the balding head of this website and not offended by all the dangly bits that are raw and exposed whilst in this state of undress. Fret not – all shall be restored tomorrow but in the meantime check out some of the other sites partaking of CSS nudity.