Calculate your freelance tax rates

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Are you a sole-trader in the UK?
Do you work from home?

Did you know there are a number of costs that you can claim against which can be used to offset your tax contributions?
Neither did I until I read this article on the Freeagent website regarding some of the costs you can claim back for working from home.

With this in mind I set to a handy wee calculator tool for helping folk work out their entitlement based on their home use, available at

It’s an early release so keen on feedback but hopefully will be of some use to others as they set to completing their self assesment tax returns.

Disclaimer this tool should not substitute professional advice from an accountant!


A minor note on the number of rooms – this should only include the ‘habitable’ rooms. So bedrooms, lounge, dining room etc – not bathroom, hall, kitchen.

great tool though!

Used this last year and was very useful. Seems to be unavailable right now – any chance of putting it back online?
Or access to the source to run locally if not?
Thanks, and Happy New Year.