Coming of Age (1993)

1993. Twenty years ago. Man that is a long time – over half a lifetime in my case.

1993 was a coming of age year for me. It was a year of parties and experimentation; it was a year I put my studies on the back burner to focus on friendships and self-discovery. Like all seventeen year olds I can look back at being a bit of an asshole during this year – especially to my parents – but with hindsight this year probably came to define me more than any that came before and after. I learnt a lot about being myself and sticking to what you believe in.

1993 was also a great year for music. Truly great.
Grunge and alternative Hip Hop were in full swing, Acid Jazz was taking off and the early ripples of Britpop being felt through acts like Suede, Radiohead and PJ Harvey.

1993 saw me attend my first music festival, the Phoenix festival with a bunch of young misfits from Leamington. And what a line up – Faith no More, Sonic Youth, the Black Crowes, The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy, Living Colour. The list goes on …

In honour of this great year I have spent the last week or so casually compiling some of my favourite tracks from 1993 into a Spotify playlist. There are some notable omissions – notable tracks from Madder Rose Bring it Down and the Juliana Hatfield Three’s Become what you are – but if you are too young to remember then hopefully this will give you a flavour for what you missed. And if you’re not then maybe bring back some pleasant memories!


Great post Cole. I can definitely relate with being an asshole to my parents. Great how music can take you back to an instant in time. Your playlist certainly featured in many of my mixtapes.