Yesterday I learned of the tragic news that Chloe Weil had died. I’m still in shock. I had only met Chloe a few times but considered her to be a friend and whenever our paths did cross I was always met with the biggest of smiles.

I cannot begin to imagine the reasons behind somebody taking their own life. However as somebody who has been battling with depression for the last eighteen months I can completely understand the anguish that negative thoughts can cause and the desperation to do anything to make that suffering stop.

Mental health is still something we all find incredibly hard to talk about. Depression often arises from feelings of self-doubt and self-criticism so the idea of talking openly about our ‘weaknesses’ and ‘failings’ can be terrifying. It is far easier to keep the pain and hurt inside than burdening others with it.

I want each of you reading this to do something for me. If you suffer depression or anxiety talk to somebody. That can be a health professional (doctor or counsellor), friend, family member or complete stranger but you do not need to keep your feelings to yourself and do not deserve to be feeling the way you do.

Secondly if you know somebody suffering depression or mental health problems reach out to them. Pick up the phone, send them a message and make sure they are okay. Let them know that the pain will not always be there. They may have some issues to overcome or chemical imbalance to address but things won’t always be this way.

Chloe we only met a few times but I consider you to be a friend and I miss you. Sleep well xx


Lovely bit of writing Cole….sorry about the circumstances.

Strong words, it seems depression hits us all at one time in our life. Only the other day I decided to post my feelings on Medium ( about how I’ve coped and tried to cope over the last 12 years.

I’m only 26 and still feel as though each day can be a struggle, the torment that is the human mind is something I am still trying to bear.

Chloe sounds like she was loved and adored by a lot of people and having never had the opportunity to work with her I feel she has been a credit to this industry.

Thoughts are with the family and friends.

Donald Sutherland on 11 July, 2014

Horrible. Hard to explain to others what an all consuming , powerful thing depression is it. You must talk to someone and make sure you’re on the right type and dose of medication – just had mine reviewed by psychiatrist and it seems to make a difference. Sorry for your loss.