Git hosted repositories

Now am (finally) getting down to practicing some Git for client work been looking at hosted repositories to use for my projects. I need something that hosts a small number of private repositories to push and store work in progress on my various projects.

A wee tweet later and got some great responses so thought should summarise the responses for all (in order of popularity):


Recommendations: 13
At a glance: SVN, Git support. Automated FTP and SSH deployment
Starting cost: 3GB Storage, 10 Repositories, 5 users, 3 deployment servers $15/month, 6GB Storage, 25 Repositories, 20 users, 5 deployment servers $25/month


Recommendations: 7
At a glance: Unlimited public & private repositories, Unlimited disk space, Unlimited public collaborators
Starting cost: 5 (private) users FREE, 10 (private) users $10/month


Recommendations: 6
At a glance: Git and SVN support with built-in project management and time-tracking
Starting cost: 3 Projects, 500MB storage, unlimited repositories £5/month, 15 Projects, 2GB storage, unlimited repositories £13/month


Recommendations: 4
At a glance: The Granddaddy of Git with unlimited users and unlimited storage
Starting cost: 5 private repositories $7/month, 10 private repositories $12/month

Also mentioned Springloops, Deploy and Codesion


It may be the most expensive but you get +1 from me for Beanstalk. It’s really easy to configure & deploy plus there’s a great app called Magic Bean (iOS and Mac) to accompany it too.