Guilty Pleasures

Inspired by Messr Colly’s recent contribution to the I thought I would compile a top ten of tunes that i’m proud to sing along to … allbeit behind closed doors.

Simple Minds – Don’t You (Forget About Me)

It’s the eighties child in me that can’t help but love the brat-pack movies and their fantastically cheesy soundtracks. This one’s probably the greatest, the theme from the Breakfast Club.

Limp Bizkit – My Way

I’m not proud but sometimes a bit of cheesy skate rock is all that is needed to clear the cobwebs.
Mrs Henley thinks listening to Limp Bizkit is tantamount to a mid-life crisis. I’m inclined to agree.

Kylie Minogue – Come Into My World

Never been a big fan of Kylie but this song really stuck with me, probably because of the brilliant video by Michel Gondry:

Bryan Ferry – The Right Stuff

Again, cheesy eighties time. Always been a fan of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music and it was a fine line between this and Avalon. This won.

The Monkees – Do I Have To Do This All Over Again?

I loved the Monkees growing up. However, after seeing their surreal, psychadelic film Head I saw the band in a completely different light. The music on the album for this film is fantastic and this is one of the tunes I keep going back to.

Dire Straits – Romeo & Juliet

So much cheese in one track. A Geordie singing a ballad about a young, Italian couple in love. What could possibly go wrong?

Duran Duran – Rio

Back in the day when I was a landscape archaeologist I used to get panic attacks digitally transcribing 1:10,000 scale Ordnance Survey maps.
Then I’d stick on Duran Duran’s Greatest Hits. Really loudly. And all would be okay again.

Duffy – Stepping Stone

I have to say despite being a fan of all things Welsh am really not a big fan of Duffy. However I do like this particular track providing fond memories of morning drives into Edinburgh with Mrs Henley on our way into work.

Sugababes – Overload

Colly beat me to the Sugababes’ Freak Like Me so going back to their first single, Overload. It’s not all bad though – singer Siobhan Donaghy who left the band after one album went on to make the beautifully trippy Ghosts

Ryan Adams – Wonderwall

Bit of a cheat here. Wanted to opt for the Oasis version of the song as Oasis are a band that I otherwise cannot stand but utterly love this song. However, Oasis aren’t on Spotify so will make do with this hauntingly beautiful version by Ryan Adams

Some near misses

KC & the Sunshine Band’s Get Down Tonight, Beyonce’s Crazy in Love, Amerie’s 1 Thing (gobble gobble gobble) and George Michael’s Freeek! were all close calls but just too groovy to be guilty ;)

So there’s my Guilty Secrets – if willing or able have plonked into a Spotiy playlist for your delectation/embarrassment * delete as applicable


Great list. Even though it never actually made it to the list, Beyonce totally threw off guard. I literally lol.