In the Beginning...

Two years ago on the 3rd April 2006 my son, Gethin Henley was born. It was also the day that I commenced a new career. Having completed a doctorate in archaeology and tried, unsuccessfully, to secure a job I wanted in the study of our human past I turned to another passion of mine: web design.

Two years later and I still hadn't got round to setting up a blog where I can post my thoughts and ruminations on all things to do with web design, archaeology and any other gubbins that springs to mind. So, at long bloody last here it is. A place where I can vent my spleen, cogitate and pour any thoughts greater than 140 characters out onto the poor, unsuspecting interweb.

So stick around. Hopefully there will be something here to interest you and there is even one of those new fangled RSS things so you can keep track without even having to visit the site.


Hooray for long overdue blogs! Didn’t know you were a Man Utd fan though, so I’m tempering my excitement.