Milton Keynes Geek Night

I was very chuffed to be asked by Richard and David to speak at the second Milton Keynes Geek Night on Thursday night. It was an exciting and nervous opportunity, especially given the high pedigree of talks from the first event and that the event was a sell out!

I was – as always – not very confident about getting what was in my head out into a digestible format. Here were ideas that had been mulling about in the back of my mind since I made the jump from archaeology to web design back in 2006. However I had an enjoyable time and from those folk who I spoke with afterwards the feedback was generally positive.

In my talk I tried to bring together some of the work in my archaeology research on the function of art, design and craftsmanship, how this applies to my work as a designer and front-end developer, and how this can shape the processes we use in the rapidly changing landscape of web design today.

It was a great night in all with a refreshing format: two headline talks, three shorter, five-minute slots and some shorter 1 minute plugs. I really enjoyed all the talks, especially a first from Rachel Shillcock on knowing your strengths, and a reassuring call to arms from Ben Bodien on stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Many thanks to Richard and David for the invite and for organising the event. Hopefully some folk got something from my talk and for those that are interested the slides from the talk are below. The icons used for the slides are taken from the fantastic Symbolicons Line set and the font used was Bariol


Cole, thanks for sharing your slides and for an excellent talk on the night ;)

Your thoughts on craftmanship and design really struck a chord, loved the connections, thank you :)