Payment reminder emails

One of the things I love about accounting tool Freeagent is the automatic tracking of invoices: sending email reminders for overdue payments and thank you emails once an invoice has been settled.

However, automated reminders can seem a little impersonal and there are still some clients that are late paying.

For offending clients I’ve decided that a little extra squeeze is required so thought I might humanise these automatic reminders with the following images:

Will keep you posted on whether these are at all successful ;)


Great idea Cole, putting a personal spin on reminders should help clients realise how important it is to pay on time for the work we’ve done.

I’ve experienced so many late payments over the last year. My terms state 30 days (thinking of changing to 14) but it often takes 2 or 3 months for payment to arrive. 9 months was the longest one last year :-(

This is great! Not sure how I’d personalise my own invoices though, not now the angle of offspring survival has been done…

Brilliant idea! Found this through FreeAgent’s recent blog post.

It’s been 7 months since you posted this– how effective has it been? (Hopefully you haven’t had to use it…)

Thanks all for your comments – in the seven months since I started doing this not sure if it has made any difference in terms of getting people to pay on time but I have had a number of clients positively comment on the human touch which has been worth it!

Cole I love it, resourceful use of emotional leverage and as subtle as a brick…. 10 out of 10. I’ve just shared your image on my FB page. I will be telling my clients about this find.