Those who can't …

Last Wednesday I started an exciting new opportunity as a visiting lecturer on the MA in Web Design at University of Greenwich.

Since leaving school in 1994 I have always wanted to teach in some capacity – my first degree was originally in Archaeology and Education with an aim to becoming a primary school teacher (before falling in love with prehistory and focusing instead on a single honours in Archaeology).

Whilst I was studying for my doctorate I really appreciated the opportunity to teach and take seminars with undergraduate students and when I moved to Scotland I was delighted to be offered a teaching position at Newcastle University (which I unfortunately had to turn down).

In 2006 when I made the full-time switch from archaeology to web design I felt the opportunity to teach would be behind me but was really pleased when the chance came to move to a web design agency that did teaching and workshops, although sadly this was short-lived.

I was excited then when, on the back of a talk I gave at Milton Keynes Geek Night last month, Prisca got in touch to see if I would be interested in helping out on their Masters course as a visiting tutor on the practical, Web Thesis Project.

It’s a long day (7 hour round commute with 6 hours teaching) but I thoroughly enjoyed the first day last week and I am really looking forward to helping out on the course over the coming year!


Cole ;)
so glad you enjoyed your first day teaching ~ it’s great to have you on board and I am already looking forward to seeing what this year’s students will come up with for their thesis project ~ under your guidance :)

And I have to say it again – it was so great to read your tweet about teaching before your #MKN talk… :) Most people I meet in web circles tend to think that speaking at events is the way to teach (which of course it is) but that they would not want to teach students for various reasons. So having you involved as someone who loves teaching is just fab! :)

Onto a great & creative year for all of us ;)