Virgin Media customers with children beware …

We recently signed up to Virgin Media and checking our latest bill discovered that we were charged the princely sum of £6.49 for purchasing a film that we didn’t recall watching. £6.49! For Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D version). It’s only £5.99 to buy on DVD – we don’t even have a 3D telly!

Anyway, it seems our two-year old son had navigated to the On Demand menu and chose this film – obviously without appreciating that it would cost £6.49 – and then turned it off after ten minutes.

What surprsied me though when double checking our settings on the Virgin Media box was that by default, PG and U-rated On Demand content can be purchased without needing to enter a PIN code.

So in essence Virgin Media acknowledge that – by default – children should be protected from watching rated (ergo inappropriate) content but that – by default – they should not be protected from purchasing age-suitable content without the consent of an adult (who knows the PIN code for the set-top box).

So, if you are a Virgin Media customer (with children) please update your settings so that all On Demand content requires a PIN to purchase.


Lol.. thats pretty special.

I have noticed that sometimes when you catch up on programs using the on demand section it doesn’t always ask you for your pin number for programs that were on late at night.

Oh yeah… the boxes are a bit slow too aren’t they?!


when browsing on demand content for example episodes of Bob the builder we would have the latest film season being blasted out of the top right corner, the worlds scariest movies etc

oh yeah and those boxes, are slooow