Why I love my Granddad

Earlier this week I emailed a number of family members about my involvement in Movember – the response from my 90 year old Granddad, Don:

I had a moustache in the army to make me look older because I wasn’t permitted a beard. On demob I grew a beard for the same reason. Last Sunday I shaved it off because I no longer needed to look older.

In another email I was asking his opinion on the role of the web for the older generation. His response?

The problem with the net for most people my age is Who do you chat with when all your old friends are dead; and What can you find to chat about with anyone younger ? For the first you need belief in some hereafter and a good medium and for the second a lot more knowledge about what is now called music, promiscuous sex and binge drinking – none of which oldies know about because we only lived so long by avoiding such.

I love my Granddad me